About Us

At Family Eyecare of White Lake... Our Focus is You!

Optometrists, Dr. Osborne & Dr. Wayne S. Jackson along with the entire Family Eyecare of White Lake staff take the sincerest pleasure in taking part in your family's eye care needs. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible and helping our patients make the right decisions about their eyewear without pressuring them into purchasing unnecessary options.

We realize you have a choice in your eye care provider, and want to thank you for allowing us to meet your optical needs.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Deborah Osborne

Dr. Osborne graduated with honors of high distinction from the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University which is the only college of optometry in the state of Michigan. Dr. Osborne completed two years of undergraduate studies at Muskegon Community College before moving on to Ferris State University where she completed the remaining studies for the pre-optometry curriculum. Dr. Osborne was then accepted into the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University; a school that accepts only thirty-two of hundreds of applicants. She completed the four years of graduate school which included one full year of mentored clinical site training at various locations including the Grand Rapids Vetrans Association and Eye Care Centers of Louisville, KY.

Becoming a Doctor of Optometry requires a minimum of seven academic years of highly specialized college and clinical training. A Doctor of Optometry must gradutae with a doctorate degree from a nationally accredited college of optomoetry, pass two rigorous National Board examinations and one State Board examination in order to earn licensure in the state of Michigan. Numerous continuing education hours are required each year to maintain state licensure and to stay current in the latest breakthroughs in ophthalmological care.

Dr. Osborne returned to the Muskegon area to marry her high school sweetheart, David, and be near her family and friends. She plans to stay in this area for the duration of her professional career.

Dr. Wayne Jackson

Dr. Jackson graduated magna cum laude from Northern Michigan University and had the distinct privilege of being chosen to be part of the first class to attend the newly formed Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University. He graduated from there with honors of high distinction, and moved to Whitehall with his wife Pat to open his private practice in September 1979. Small town life, and being on the water, made Whitehall a perfect fit for Wayne and Pat who both grew up in Rogers City, a small town in northern Michigan on Lake Huron.

Dr. Jackson has been active in promoting the profession of optometry by advocating for increased licensure in the State of Michigan so that he and others could practice to the full extent of their education. He has also felt committed to bringing eyecare to those in need by traveling yearly to third world countries as part of the Northside Lions Team. He enjoys the challenges of diagnosing and treating eye diseases with the added benefit of becoming acquainted with wonderful people.

Dr. Jackson is DPA and TPA licensed. He is also certified to do pre and post-op care for Lasik surgery. He continues to stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and treatments with his continuing education credits.

Our Staff

Our staff at Family Eyecare of White Lake is well trained and focused on making your patient experience a personal one. All members of our staff attend continuing education classes throughout the year in areas of spectacle lenses, contact lenses and eyewear design.

The office culture at Family Eyecare of White Lake is one of excellence in patient care and personalized service. We believe and practice doing the right thing to make your experience a good one with long lasting happiness, eye health and optimal vision.